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Memorandum of Understanding on Port State Control for West & Central African Region


To ensure the effective implementation of the Port State Control regime through the establishment of an improved and harmonized standard which adopts current IMO and ILO Conventions, for the elimination of sub-standard shipping.


Port State Control Inspection is the process by which a nation exercises authority over foreign ships when those ships are in the waters over which such nation has jurisdiction. The right to do this is derived from both domestic and international law. A nation may enact its own laws, imposing requirements on foreign ships trading in its waters. Also nations, which are party to certain international conventions, are empowered to verify that foreign ships operating in their waters comply with the obligations set out in those conventions. The purpose of Port State Control in its various forms is to identify and eliminate ships, which do not comply with internationally accepted standards and domestic regulations of the State concerned. When ships are not in substantial compliance, the relevant agency of the inspecting State may impose controls to ensure that they are brought into compliance.

Port State control involves the inspection of foreign ships visiting the port of another country. The purpose of the inspection is to determine the compliance level of the ships with relevant international conventions and codes governing maritime safety, marine pollution and the living and working conditions of seafarers on board ships.Port State inspections complements the efforts of flag State in compelling compliance of ships and encouraging effective implementation by flag States.

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